About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is recognised by the world health organisation as one of the most widely used medicines worldwide. It is a natural healing system, which treats the individual and takes into account the physical, emotional and mental symptoms. It is safe to take along side other medications, with no side effects and it does not interfere with other treatments or therapies, it simply helps to speed up the process.

Homeopathy is an amazing system of medicine as it can beautifully bring together an understanding of both mind and body.  By recognizing the unique story of each person, it allows a deep understanding of the person and any health issues a person has.  Health and sickness are not separate from life itself. Homeopathy acknowldges  that through illness and subsequent healing we build up our immune system and grow stronger. 

Homeopathy, like any true holistic medicine, works with the intelligence of the body and the correct remedy not only helps the body re-establish its own equilibrium, but it also helps establish an optimal state of health and stronger immune responses.  It can work for all people and in most conditions, both as an alternative and as a complement to other forms of medicines.


Children especially do well on homeopathy as it is possible to lay a foundation of health and  encourages the strengthening of  their immune system.  

I came across homeopathy virtually by accident but found that it profoundly helped me in my own health issues and from there it led me to the study of homeopathy. 

My own experience of the homeopathic interview was amazing as it allowed me to explore my own situation in a unique way and helped me improve my health significantly.