The Homeopathic Consultation 

The aim is for an in depth and a non-judgmental understanding of the presented symptoms. A full health history is taken in order for the homeopath to make an accurate evaluation and remedy choice. In the initial consultation, which last around ninety minutes, knowledge of all current and past conditions is obtained as well as other biographical data. For children, a minimum of an hour is needed.


Follow up consultations occur normally on a monthly to six weeks basis, but can be more frequent for acute situations. The follow ups take between 30-45 minutes, in which time we review the action of the previous remedy; and from there, an analysis and strategy for further treatment and follow up visits can be made.

Usually, the longer a condition has been experienced, the longer it can take to fundamentally change.

The homeopathic consultation is the only way for your homeopath to get to know you and your symptoms


However, the ways to do that are many. Some people like to share their emotions and describe their mental state in details; others are more reserved and simply like to get on with describing their complaints in a traditional manner.

Some people are not sure what they like to talk about or even what is it exactly that bothers them and feel more comfortable with the homeopath leading the session and asking the questions. Children often might have limited vocabulary regarding their emotions, but their body language and spontaneous behaviour speaks clearly and the various creative ways they express themselves makes it easy for the homeopath to work with.


The homeopath is comfortable to go along with any of the above and follow the patient in the way most confortable for them to express their maladies.



Initial consultations of 90 minutes is £60 and £50 for children under 12years.

Follow up visits of 45 minutes to an hour are £50 and £45 for children. 

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