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I am a classically trained homeopath, I studied for three years with The School of Homeopathy and a graduate in 2018 from The Welsh School of Homeopathy. I have been inspired in exploring my own health and the larger question of personal growth and development for many years and before the homeopathy training I obtained an Honours degree in Psychology.


I originate from Bulgaria and came to the UK seventeen years ago. Along with completing my academic training as a homeopath, I have enrolled and now half way through a three year advanced post graduate programme in homeopathy with Dynamis. 

Having grown up with many books around me, I am very passionate about stories and I studied a year long course in Western mythology and story telling  with The School of Myth in Devon.


I have also had a lot of experience working with children and young people, and love the process of interaction and sharing, helping to inspire young people to find their place in the world. 

Would you like more information on  my work  with children and with stories? click here

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Homeopathy is recognised by the world health organisation as one of the most widely used medicines worldwide. It is a natural healing system, which treats the individual and takes into account the physical, emotional and mental symptoms. It is safe to take along side other medications, with no side effects.  

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Homeopathy looks at the person as a whole and understands the importance of our inner world to our well being. The consultation is gentle and everything the patient has to say is taken into consideration.

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  • Chronic or acute headaches

  • Skin complaints, eczema, acne, etc

  • Digestion, IBS, anorexia, bulimia etc

  • Women’s health, cystitis, menopause

  • Fatigue

  • Stress, Depression

  • Insomnia and other sleep problems

  • Childhood illnesses and   behaviour                                read more


They vary like the British weather!

Children and their parents who want a gentle but permanent healing, or who simply worry about the toxicity of antibiotics and other conventional medicine.    

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The homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and although very gentle, they have a profound effect on the organism. There is a lot of controversy around homeopathic remedies, how they work, their preparation and the source they have been extracted from.

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Villy was very professional and quickly put my sensitive 7 year old son at ease. She managed to engage him to find out more about how his eczema was troubling him. She also asked me details of what triggered him. We were really happy with the remedies she provided which cleared the eczema up in couple of months. Thankfully it has not some back almost two years later.

Claire T. 

Homeopathy Consultations

Perhaps now more than ever we are mindful of our health and ways we can support our bodies and our systems as a whole, but how do we start when we are limited to how we can be in contact with people that might help?

I work via Skype and so am available wherever in the world you may live, if ever there was a time for a consultation in your own home, now is it.  Particularly ideal for those with small children. 

A child's first consulation lasts around an hour and can be very informal, children are invited to draw or play freely and I often ask their parent or guardian to complete a helpful questionnaire beforehand.

For adults, I usually say allow an hour and a half for the first consultation and between forty and sixty minutes for all follow up appointments.

If you would like to book a consultation press here.

You can read more about the consultation process itself here.

If cost is a concern for you more information about alternative ways to pay and concessions can be found here.


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The Practice Rooms,26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RH

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