Playfulness is the quickest way to Health
Practicing Spontaneity allows for New patterns to emerge
Exploration of Old patterns allows them to distill
  And the Essence of you begins to flow freely through the body
Villy Tichkova

About Villy 

I originate from Bulgaria and came to the UK eighteen years ago. I am a British-Bulgarian who loves travelling the world, meeting new friends, learning about different cultures and cultivating awareness and compassion for myself and others.

I have been inspired to explore my own health and the greater question of personal growth and development for many years. In my early twenties, I spent a year on the Outer Hebrides faced with the wilderness and when I moved to England I pursued a Psychology degree and obtained BSc honours in Psychology. 

In mainstream psychology, the image of dual states and the rejection of the 'Otherness’ of the human condition troubled me. I searched for a way to hold these juxtaposing states, without judgement, and found both homeopathy and myths which have the capacity to hold the human paradox. It was the works of C. Jung and B. Bettelheim that had a profound impact on me and rekindled my love for myths and fairy tales. Most importantly it confirmed, academically, the healing power that myths and fairy tales have on our psyche. My passion for stories led me to Dartmoor where I studied a year long course in Western mythology and story telling with The School of Myth.

In my homeopathic studies I continued and brought together my exploration of health. I see humans as borrowers from nature, not only land and resources, but also patterns of behaviour. We are in a continuous conversation with our inner otherness, our relationships and with our environment, it can be challenging and it is that conflict that can often be hurtful. Therefore the presenting physical, mental and emotional symptoms become a vital part of this conversation. And it is in that conflict where the medicine is hidden. 

It was through my fascination with the works of Arnold Mindell and Processwork Psychology that I became enrolled on a nine month process work facilitation course with the Processwork Institute in UK. The course is teaching me to work with conflict in order to become more inclusive of my own patterns, of my patients and their conditions and to move that bit closer to being the ‘unprejudiced observer’. 

I understand that despite the different paths we all follow, we reach that point of “The foul rag and bone shop of the heart”, that unforgettable image created by Yeats. There, the crossroads call us to a certain awakening, to awareness and inclusion. We no longer blindly discriminate, we accept there is learning in the parts of us that we shy away from, and we learn from our inner and outer conflicts. And as long as our awareness is enriched and encouraged, we have a chance to love, to be loved and have a heartfelt existence.



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Homeopathy is recognised by the world health organisation as one of the most widely used medicines worldwide. It is a natural healing system, which treats the individual and takes into account the physical, emotional and mental symptoms. It is safe to take along side other medications, with no side effects.  

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Homeopathy looks at the person as a whole and understands the importance of our inner world to our well being. The consultation is gentle and everything the patient has to say is taken into consideration.

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  • Chronic or acute headaches

  • Skin complaints, eczema, acne, etc

  • Digestion, IBS, anorexia, bulimia etc

  • Women’s health, cystitis, menopause

  • Fatigue

  • Stress, Depression

  • Insomnia and other sleep problems

  • Childhood illnesses and   behaviour                                read more


They vary like the British weather!

Children and their parents who want a gentle but permanent healing, or who simply worry about the toxicity of antibiotics and other conventional medicine.    

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The homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and although very gentle, they have a profound effect on the organism. There is a lot of controversy around homeopathic remedies, how they work, their preparation and the source they have been extracted from.

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Villy was very professional and quickly put my sensitive 7 year old son at ease. She managed to engage him to find out more about how his eczema was troubling him. She also asked me details of what triggered him. We were really happy with the remedies she provided which cleared the eczema up in couple of months. Thankfully it has not some back almost two years later.

Claire T. 

Homeopathy Consultations

Perhaps now more than ever we are mindful of our health and ways we can support our bodies and our systems as a whole, but how do we start when we are limited to how we can be in contact with people that might help?

I work via Skype and so am available wherever in the world you may live, if ever there was a time for a consultation in your own home, now is it.  Particularly ideal for those with small children. 

A child's first consulation lasts around an hour and can be very informal, children are invited to draw or play freely and I often ask their parent or guardian to complete a helpful questionnaire beforehand.

For adults, I usually say allow an hour and a half for the first consultation and between forty and sixty minutes for all follow up appointments.

If you would like to book a consultation press here.

You can read more about the consultation process itself here.

If cost is a concern for you more information about alternative ways to pay and concessions can be found here.


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